Bergazym P & Bergazym p100 Enzymes improve nutrient uptake Some nourishing feed constituents contain substances that cannot be broken down and digested by pigs and poultry. BERGAZYM P have high heat stability and low pH stability achieved with a special microgranulation and coating technique. As a component of modern feed compounds our enzyme complex ensures rapid and complete digestion. BERGAZYM P is Enzyme complex Microgranulate for maize/ soya feed formulationsPoultry Effect of BERGAZYM P in feed: Increases metabolizable energy Promotes the digestibility of the crude protein, including the limiting amino acids Improves the utilization of water in the gut Counteracts the antinutrivitive effect of NSPs present in freshly harvested grain there is two kinds of that product : 1- BERGAZYM P : dose is 250 gram/ton 2- BERGAZYM P 100 : dose is 100 gram /ton

Manufacturer * Berg-Schmidt