NHP Durability Testers

NHP100 (Pellet Durability Tester – Portable) Suitable for animal feed pellets Portable Fast and simple operation Results are obtainable 4 times faster than the Kansas State Tumbling Can Test time can be set Fines removed during test Different mesh hopper sizes available The Holmen NHP100 is our entry level Pellet Durability Tester that is made to be easily transported around different testing locations. The NHP100 operates by loading a manually weighed sample of pellets into the test chamber, which cascades them in an air stream, causing the pellets to collide with each other and the perforated hard surfaces of the test chamber. After the test cycle the pellets are manually removed and weighed to obtain a ‘Pellet Durability Index’ (PDI) reading. NHP200 (Pellet Durability Tester – Production) Suitable for animal feed & wood pellets Automatic Quicker than alternative methods Ideal for laboratories & busy testing environments Reproducible accuracy of ± 0.1% PDI results are displayed on LCD touch-screen, and can be printed or sent to other software The Holmen NHP200 Pellet Durability Tester is the flagship of the New Holmen pellet testing range. Once a sample of pellets is loaded into the machine it removes any fines, weighs the sample, tests the pellets by agitating them with air, weighs the remaining sample and calculates the PDI. This automatic solution removes the chance of human error, creating accurate and reliable results. The reduction in human input also allows other tasks to be completed while a test is done. The average test lasts only 4 minutes and the test time is automatically set according to the pellet diameter entered. Suitable for pellets 3mm-12mm diameter. NHP300 (Pellet Durability Tester – Process) Suitable for animal feed & wood pellets Fully automatic Takes samples from the production line Operated by Windows software (provided), or can be paired with mill management software. Reproducible accuracy of ± 0.1% Helps to eliminate waste, maintain quality, and reduce cost. The Holmen NHP300 Pellet Durability Tester is ideally suited to a busy mill. Samples are automatically taken from the production line, tested, returned to the line, and a PDI result provided to the NHP300 control software, or to your current mill management software. Taking a sample from the process line enables changes to be made at a point that will maximise production, reduce cost, minimise waste and maintain pellet quality. In addition to calculating the PDI, the amount of ‘dust’ (Fines) can be calculated. Up to four pellet lines can be tested by one NHP300 with the option to return samples back to their original lines too.

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