soft Acid

For organic acids to be increasingly used in livestock feedstuffs, there is a need for an improved form – one that is less corrosive, safe, effective and easy to use. Users of organic acids should not have to compromise between the safety and efficacy of their chosen product. For this purpose, Borregaard LignoTech has specifically developed a unique and patented technology called SoftAcid. Protecting Values Soft Acid is a product range that consists of organic acids and modified lignosulphonic acid. It is the presence of the latter that gives the product its name “Soft,” due to its ability to moderate the aggressive nature of the organic acids. SoftAcid is consequently less corrosive, safer to use and easier to handle than pure organic acids. Feeding trials and laboratory trials have shown the efficiency of SoftAcid compared to pure or buffered organic acids. In addition to these benefits, SoftAcid provides a clear inhibition of bacterial colonisation and a reduction of biofilm adhesion.

Manufacturer * BORREGARRD AS